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Gladstone Harbour – Virtual Tour

Creating this virtual tour of the Gladstone Harbour was a mammoth effort requiring months of planning.

Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership were able to use this virtual tour platform to release the Environmental results from their 2020 Gladstone Harbour Report Card. You can find out more info here:

East Shores 1B – Virtual Tour

If you haven’t been down to check out the new East Shores Stage 1B yet, why don’t you take a virtual tour first. 

Kroombit Tops – Virtual Tour

Here is a tour we created showing some popular areas of the Kroombit Tops National Park. Betsy Bomber crash site, The Wall and the main Look Out.

Miriam Vale Traffic Accident Site

We were asked to collect some aerial images of recent traffic incidents south of Miriam Vale. One site involved three B-Double Trucks, two of which caught fire and burnt to the ground. The crash investigators from Victoria were unable to travel to Queensland due to COVID restrictions, so we created a virtual tour to compliment the aerial images. This allowed the closest thing to having ‘boots on the ground’, but from the comfort of their home or office.

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