Shiploader 3 Shutdown Time Lapse – Gladstone Ports Corporation

Updated: Mar 9

The Gladstone ports Corporation were planning a large shutdown on Shiploader 3 at their RG Tanna Coal Terminal. This would be one of the largest upgrades the Port has undertaken since 2016. We were approached to record a time lapse of the major shutdown activities, which would occur over approximately 3 weeks.

The time lapse system we used was one of our in-house developed systems which is completely self-sustainable. Enclosed in a weather proof housing is a DSLR camera which records photos at our selected intervals. In this case, the camera recorded images 24hr hours a day, 7 days a week. The system uploads photos using its own internal wifi to an online gallery so shutdown or construction works can be monitored remotely. We also remotely monitor the internal (solar powered) battery health and SD card capacity. This functionality means we don’t have to visit the site regularly to ensure things are working correctly.

Positioned on a handrail at the Eastern end of the wharf, the system performed flawlessly while being exposed to hot days, high winds, sea spray and rain.

Shiploader 3’s modifications were completed safely and on schedule.

Once the shutdown was finished, we collected the time lapse system and began processing the photos. Over 6500 high res photos were recorded in just over 3 weeks.

The resulting high resolution time lapse can be viewed HERE

If you’d like to record a time lapse of your next construction project, de-construction or major shutdown, get in touch with us today.

Remember we can also include the option for remote monitoring, allowing you to monitor progress remotely from a live online gallery.

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