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For years we’ve used drones for Aerial Asset Inspections, but COVID travel restrictions forced AMG to think outside the box. Instead of engineers travelling to the asset or receiving collected media after the asset inspection, we bring the asset to them. In the last few months we have LIVE STREAMED flight footage to clients at their offices in other cities, other states, even other countries. They talk to the pilot and direct the flight, we record the media and upload it to them. This innovation has allowed for statutory and non-statutory inspections to align with schedules throughout this pandemic, saving clients a tonne of money in the process. We’ve live streamed inspections of loading arms, flare stacks, jetty/wharf structures, stockpiles and ponds. Now we even have our own confined space drone. Contact us today if this innovation can assist your business.

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Asset Inspection

Using drones to perform remote asset inspections eliminates hazards associated with working at heights or confined space such as: cranes, ladders, elevated work platforms, scaffold, positive isolations and toxic atmospheres.

Our drones can carry high resolution zoom lenses allowing us to record images and video of assets from safe distances.

Ask yourself how a drone can:
– Eliminate a high risk activity in your workplace
– Make your workplace safer
– Achieve results cheaper and faster than current methods

Find an example of a recent pipeline inspection HERE

Confined Space - Ball Drone

We have developed our own custom ball drone which allows us to fly inside confined spaces or hard to access areas to record footage for inspection purposes. This drone can be flown inside steel or concrete structures such as vessels, conveyor chutes or exhaust stacks. It can also be flown outside in tight and hard to reach areas such as pipe racks or bridge supports. It not only records high resolution footage, but can also live stream the footage for viewing elsewhere. 

The LED illumination system allows it to fly in completely dark spaces.  

Data Management - Client Delivery

Aerial Asset Inspections can capture thousands of photos per day.

Once captured, managing and delivering these photos to the client is our priority.

Photos and videos are uploaded to cloud based software which organises photos using EXIF data for fast and easy viewing and reporting.

Site Access

With 20 years industry experience, we’re well accustomed to site inductions, risk assessments and nondisclosure agreements for client protection.

Our work vehicle is designed to minimise set up time, maximising efficiency in the field. We can safely transport our equipment to remote locations if required.

Damage or Insurance Inspections

Aerial Media Gladstone can quickly mobilise to offer timely damage or insurance inspections after incidents, accidents or severe weather events. We can provide insurance companies expedited, detailed coverage of damage sustained to buildings, utilities, roads, bridges or any other asset.


2D and 3D mapping is extremely accessible and cost effective for domestic properties, construction sites or large quarries or mine sites.

High resolution maps can be generated within hours providing you with far greater detail than readily available online maps.
This service can include site elevation, crop health and volumetric stockpile calculations.

Find an example of a recent mapping mission HERE

Thermal imaging is a high tech service that uses an integrated radiometric Flir thermal sensor to view longwave infrared unseen to the human eye. These services let us pinpoint areas of thermal anomaly in infrastructure or machinery. Common uses for thermal imaging are building and rooftop inspections, substation and electrical infrastructure, solar panel surveys, search and rescue, bush fire hot spots etc.

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