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Auckland Point Ship Loader Deconstruction Time Lapse

Gladstone Ports Corporation contacted us with an interesting project, to capture the de-construction of two two large ship loaders on Auckland Point Wharf. A project which could take up to six months. Removal of the Ship Loaders and eventually the Gantry Structure is all part of the East Shores upgrade, which will include modifications to allow larger Cruise Ships to visit Gladstone. A project worth over seven million dollars.


We had been developing some long term time lapse camera systems for a while and this was the perfect opportunity to get one out in the field. Planning to record a time lapse for up to six months is much more complex than sticking a camera on a tripod to capture a sunset. Several factors must be considered such as: access to the site, location and view from camera, type of camera, battery power, exposure to elements, photo frequency, data storage and hours of work.

The system we developed uses an external battery and monitoring system, and kept fully charged by a solar panel and regulator. The time lapse period was going to be over Summer and although the camera was protected from the elements inside a box, we added a temperature controlled fan to provide cooling if it got too hot inside.

We captured the removal of the first ship loader from a walkway on the second ship loader. This second ship loader was then wheeled into the same position to be removed. Most of this action was collected from on top of a large concrete block.



We captured up to 300 photos per day, 1800 per week, and almost 8000 per month.

In the months from September through to December, work on the Ship Loaders paused many times so Auckland point could be set up for visiting Cruise Ships. We used this opportunity to capture the Ships arriving and departing as well.


The Cruise Ship time lapse video can be seen HERE

We also created a video to show to midway progress of the ship loader removal HERE

We checked on the time lapse many times throughout the project. Most of the times we visited were outside work hours, so as not to interrupt the guys from Extreme Engineering. This meant we got to see some pretty impressive sunrises and sunsets from the Auckland Point wharf. Looking out over the harbour, watching all sorts of vessels come and go.


Eventually work was completed and both Ship Loaders were completely disassembled and removed. Our time lapse camera was there for just over 5 months to successfully record all the action. The camera housing did a great job at protecting the equipment inside from months of extreme weather such as scorching hot days, strong wind, salt water spray, grinding dust, oxy cutting slag, rain and storms.


Processing that many photos was another mission in itself. We had almost half a Terra-bite of data to sort, edit and develop into a short time lapse video. This took many days to complete.

The finished product can be seen HERE

We’ve continued to develop our time lapse systems to include remote monitoring. This basically means some or all of the photos recorded by our time lapse camera get uploaded to a remote viewing platform so the client can view live updates on their device from anywhere in the world. See some examples below.

If you’d like to capture the progress of your project with a time lapse and/or remote monitoring, please get in touch with us.

Aerial Media Gladstone – or 0400500274

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