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Aerial Media GLADSTONE

Aerial Media Gladstone is a fully licensed and insured professional drone and media business. We proudly offer services such as:

  • Industrial Inspections (including confined spaces)

  • Business, Event and Product promotion

  • Short and Long Term Time Lapse Systems

  • Virtual Tours

  • High-resolution 2D and 3D mapping

  • Real Estate photo and video packages

Be part of our growing client base and take advantage of this new age technology today.


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How we can help
Your Business

The rapidly changing world of drone use is becoming increasingly valued across all types of industries.


Whether it’s remote inspections, mapping or data collection, drones provide clearer images, reduce field time and manpower costs and can capture typographic data that is up to ten times faster than land-based methods.


  • Drones can be deployed and results achieved within minutes, reducing response time to potential concerns, saving you time and money.

  • Eliminate hazards associated with working at heights or confined spaces.

  • Fast, efficient coverage of large areas and receive high-resolution imaging while maintaining safe distances from personnel or equipment.

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Gladstone in 4K

AMG is proud to present our showreel. We love to showcase our region and reveal some of what we’ve been up to over the past 12 months. While only a small sample, we wish we could showcase ALL our work. We're forever thankful to our valued clients for their custom and to our followers for their continual support. 

For many years, the only way to capture aerial video footage was by hiring a full-sized helicopter and a licensed pilot to navigate a camera crew.  As you would imagine, this process was incredibly costly, meaning that aerial video footage was typically only accessible to blockbuster movie makers and businesses with huge marketing budgets.

However, with drone videography, capturing unique and high-quality footage has never been easier or more affordable! 

Stunning aerial footage can provide a unique view of a location or event. Drone videography and photography provides a distinct vantage point through a bird's eye view.