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Aerial Media Gladstone is a fully licensed and insured professional drone and media business. We proudly offer services such as:

– Industrial Inspections (including Confined Spaces)

– Business and Product Promotional videos

– Short and Long Term Time Lapse Systems

– Virtual Tours

– High Res 2D and 3D Mapping

– Real Estate Photo and Video Packages

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For years we’ve used drones for Aerial Asset Inspections, but COVID travel restrictions forced AMG to think outside the box. Instead of engineers travelling to the asset or receiving collected media after the asset inspection, we bring the asset to them. In the last few months we have LIVE STREAMED flight footage to clients at their offices in other cities, other states, even other countries. They talk to the pilot and direct the flight, we record the media and upload it to them. This innovation has allowed for statutory and non-statutory inspections to align with schedules throughout this pandemic, saving clients a tonne of money in the process. We’ve live streamed inspections of loading arms, flare stacks, jetty/wharf structures, stockpiles and ponds. Now we even have our own confined space drone. Contact us today if this innovation can assist your business.

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AMG 2020 Show Reel

While most might like to forget 2020, we’ll remember it as the year that forced us to evolve and innovate. Rather then be down about all the community events that were cancelled, we chose to make the most of the global situation and found new ways our services could help keep the world turning. We adapted our inspection techniques to live stream footage to other states and countries. Travel restrictions also opened up some exciting doors for us which were previously unavailable. Somehow we still managed to capture enough local footage to cram into a 2020 Show Reel. We’d like to sincerely thank all of our valued clients for your business and all of our followers for your support. We wish you all a safe and prosperous New Year. Bring on 2021!!!

GPC - Wharf Slurry Upgrade

Gladstone Ports Corporation have a number of projects underway, one of them being a Wharf Slurry system upgrade.

This video captured by Aerial Media Gladstone shows the under wharf deck platform and tank being installed as part of a new coal collection and pumping system on the RG Tanna Coal Terminal Wharf. The platform itself weighs just under 20 tonne!

This system will improve GPC’s ability to collect material from the wharf, reduces the environmental risks and improves wharf housekeeping.

Boyne Tannum HookUp 2019

Here is our video wrap up of the Biggest Fishing Comp in Australia , the 2019 Boyne Tannum HookUp!!!

We felt very privileged to capture this weekend for the HookUp team for the second year in a row. Seeing this video played on the big screens around the park for the joy of tens of thousands of people was worth the effort.

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The rapidly changing world of Drone use is becoming increasingly valued across all types of industries. Whether it’s remote inspections, mapping, data collection or simple promotional advertising.
– Drones can be deployed and results achieved within minutes, reducing response time to potential concerns, saving you time and money
– Eliminate hazards associated with working at heights or confined space
– Fast efficient coverage of large areas
– High resolution imaging while maintaining safe distances from personnel or equipment

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